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Having your flooring replaced can be a big undertaking for reasons you would expect. Not only will your current flooring need to be pulled out and disposed of, but new flooring installation can turn your home into a construction zone. Adding hardwood flooring to your home increases the value of your home and gives warmth the every room. Make the installation process hassle-free by taking these five steps.

1. Dust

When installing flooring, you’d be surprised how far sawdust can travel around your home. Don’t just close doors, seal them off with plastic and marking tape to keep dust out of bedrooms and other areas of the home.

2. Remove doors

When installing new floors, taking the doors off in the installation area is a must. Floor Coverings International’s team of professional flooring installers will remove the necessary doors for you, and will replace them after the work is complete, as long as trimming is not necessary. If you choose to remove doors yourself, ensure stacked doors are away from the workspace and separate each door with a blanket to prevent scratching. Move carefully when carrying doors from room to room to avoid damaging walls, doors and door frames.

3. Remove baseboards

The best way to get a seamless line from you new flooring up the walls is to take off your baseboards prior to flooring installation. This way installers will not have to work around your current baseboards, also giving you the opportunity to put in new ones once the floor is installed.

If you choose not to remove your baseboards, installers may need to cut sections off of the bottom part of your baseboards to get flooring to fit. If your new flooring is lower than the previous, your baseboards may float above the flooring. Therefore, in most cases, removing the baseboards will result in a nicer finished look.

4. Remove door trim

Similar to baseboards, door trim may also need to be altered when installing new flooring. If you plan to keep your existing trim ensure the new flooring will fit at the same height as the previous flooring. If the new flooring is lower it may create unsightly gaps between the door trim and the baseboards or flooring.

5. Prepare the cutting area

Before the installers arrive you want to have a clear space outside or in the garage for them to set up shop. This area should be close to an outlet and away from anything you don’t want covered in sawdust. If you are housing the project in the garage, cover the contents of your garage in plastic for easy clean up.

Installation with Floor Coverings International

We make flooring installation a breeze, treating your home as if it was our own. We’ll move your furniture out of the way, and return it safely to its place one the flooring installation is complete. We’ll also seal off your rooms from dust and remove doors and trim as needed. Speak with your design consultant prior to installation day to discuss what other preparations are necessary for your home.

If you’d like to learn more about our installation process or get one of our professional designers to take a look at your home, book your free in-home consultation online today or give us a call at 604-248-5780.