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Undoubtedly, one of the best carpet products on the market today is Stainmaster carpet technology. It is ideal for families in Richmond and Vancouver because of its unique ability to repel stains and smells that result from spills, dirt, hair, dust and nearly any other type of mess under the sun.

Here are six reasons why we love Stainmaster carpet for our customers.

1. Extra strength fibres

When selecting a carpet, fibre type and density matter. Dense carpets feel plush under foot and nylon carpet fibres are most durable. Stainmaster carpet is dense with exceptionally durable nylon fibres that will stay clean longer and look like new for years to come.

2. Durable tufts for high traffic areas

Traditional carpet in high traffic areas gets flat and worn after three to five years. Stainmaster’s durable tufts bounce back even after years of traffic.

3. Holds up against cleaning products

Unlike some anti-stain carpets, Stainmaster’s stain fighting power is not weakened by carpet cleaning products. You can use extra strength, hydrogen peroxide based cleaners on challenging stains without damaging the carpet.

4. Soil and fade resistant

After a few years normal carpet can start to show some pretty serious signs of wear and tear in high traffic areas. Stainmaster technology makes their carpet resistant to the fade and the grungy tinge normal carpet will develop.

5. Stain resistant

Stainmaster carpet prevents stain molecules from adhering to the carpet fibres. When rinsed with just water stains pull right out. For tougher, set in stains water and dish soap will have your carpet looking good as new.

6. Functional and stylish

Stainmaster carpet is durable, comfortable and chic. With over 7,000 styles to choose from, there is a style for every room. Use the carpet selector tool to help decide what carpet is right for your lifestyle.

Need help deciding which Stainmaster carpet style is right for your family? Book an in-home consultation with our design associates online today or give us a call at 604-248-5780.