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We know you have plenty of options for flooring in Vancouver and Richmond. No matter which type of flooring you choose, we want you to have the best result for your home, and your family.

Today, we are looking at 8 of the biggest flooring mistakes we see in Vancouver, and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1 – Installing flooring yourself

Flooring installation can be difficult, particularly with materials such as tile, hardwood and laminate, and even more so if your home has non-square rooms, irregularly shaped corners, or other interesting details that require tricky measuring, cutting and fitting.

Whereas vinyl tile is easier to install yourself, we always recommend using a professional flooring installer in Vancouver for your home. You will end up with a better finished look, you will save time, and you could even save money due to less wasted material and fewer trips to the hardware store.

Mistake #2 – Buying the cheapest flooring

Low-cost flooring can be worthwhile if you are flipping a house, are building a secondary suite, or have a tight budget for your new flooring. Generally speaking, cheap flooring is just that – it tends to be less durable and therefore prone to wear and tear over time, including stains and gouges. Vinyl usually comes in at the lowest end of the cost scale, but there are some excellent laminate flooring options in Vancouver and Richmond that are affordable AND durable.

Mistake #3 – Being too trendy

Did you read our blog about the top flooring trends of 2017?

For the most part, this year’s flooring trends are classy and timeless, and would make for a fantastic update for any home. However, every year there are some “out there” trends that may not stand the test of time.

One of those is the green flooring trend. Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017 is “Greenery”, and flooring companies are jumping on the trend by introducing green coloured flooring – especially carpet.

By 2018, we want you to continue loving your home’s flooring, so we would suggestion exploring several colour options before jumping on a trend just because it is popular right now.

Mistake #4 – Not working with an expert

Whether you are remodeling your whole home, or updating your flooring, working with an expert will help ensure you get the best result, from start to finish. A Vancouver flooring expert can help walk you through which types of flooring will be a better investment over time, and will hold up better if you have children or pets. An expert will also know more about timelines and costs for your flooring installation, and can help you make an informed decision when you are faced with a mountain of flooring options.

Mistake #5 – Not working with the big picture

Experts are better equipped to look at the big picture (in this case, your home’s design and your family’s lifestyle) in order to provide suggestions for the best materials to use in each room of the house. Your new flooring should not only match the style of your home, but it should also take into consideration how your family uses your home. Some families may spend more time in the family room, causing wear and tear, whereas others might be more prone to hang out in the basement. In the former case, durable hardwood flooring or laminate might be right for your home, whereas in the latter, a sturdy carpet would be in order.

Mistake #6 – Choosing your flooring in the showroom

We created a guide to walk you through why you should always have flooring samples at your home to compare colours and textures in the light of the room where you intend to install it. In brief, lighting and atmosphere can affect how flooring looks, so it will look different in a showroom than it does in your home. That’s why the flooring experts at Floor Coverings International bring our mobile showroom to you, so we can show you flooring samples inside your home.

Mistake #7 – Using the wrong flooring for your lifestyle

A household with pets or children should not necessarily use the same flooring as a home occupied by two empty nesters. Your lifestyle should affect the type of flooring you choose even more than style should, especially if you have a busy, active household.

Mistake #8 – Installing the same flooring through the whole house

They say variety is the spice of life, and we couldn’t agree more! Having the same flooring throughout the house isn’t just a decorating mistake to avoid, it can be uncomfortable. Think about it – would you want the same flooring in your bathroom as your bedroom? Let our flooring experts help you choose the right flooring for your home! Call us at 604-248-5780 or book your free consultation online today.