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Basements aren’t the dingy, cold storage spaces with low ceilings they once were. Instead, basements are now one of the most multipurpose spaces in your home. The majority of new homes built in Vancouver and Burnaby are well-insulated, partially above-ground spaces, to be used as anything your heart desires. This begs the question: What kind of flooring do I put in my basement?

What is the best type of flooring for a basement?

The contenders are:

  • Carpet
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate

To find the flooring type best suited to your family it is important to consider your home, lifestyle and layout of your basement. Each home is different but these factors determine what kind of flooring will be best for you! Here are some factors to consider:


No area of your home is safe from the spills and stains of kids’ messes. Whether it is markers, juice or snacks, it is important to select a floor that fits your family.

You may think laminate or hardwood flooring would be best because they’re easy to clean – but since basements can be cold, especially in the winter, you’ll need flooring that’s warm and comfortable for the kids to play on.

If the basement is going to be used as a playroom, carpet is best. Consider Armstrong Stainmaster carpet – they have a plush feel for the kids and stain resistance for you!


Basements – by far the most versatile space in the home. carpet flooring vancouver, flooring richmondYour basement’s purpose will largely dictate what kind of flooring to install. Whether you’re using the space as a bedroom, a bar, a second living room or an office, you’ll want to consider how each member of your family will be using the space before making any decisions.

Office, bar or bathroom

If you’re basement is going to be used as an office, bar, bathroom or a combination of all three, laminate or hardwood will give the space a more luxurious, “I can’t believe this is a basement” feel. Keep in mind that hard-surface flooring can also feel cold aesthetically speaking, and under the feet.

Bedroom, playroom or living room

If you’re planning for your basement to be the hangout spot for your family and friends, cozy carpet is the way to go. Your kids will always have that one extra friend who has to sit on the floor when watching a movie, and you want to make sure where they’re sitting is going to be comfy for them.


carpet flooring vancouver, richmond flooringEven the best insulated basements can be cold, and carpet can make your floors feel a little bit cozier. Hardwood and laminate just won’t give the same warmth that carpet has to offer, especially in those basement bedrooms or playrooms.

For bar areas and bathrooms, laminate is a cost-effective and durable choice. It won’t give you the same warmth as carpet but it will create a more polished and defined finish for the room. If you have a few dollars to spare, heated tile floors will go a long way with the family in the basement bathroom, especially if there are bedrooms down there as well.


hardwood flooring richmond, flooring vancouver

When it comes to resale, a finished basement goes a long way. Regardless of what the space is used for, having any kind of finished flooring is a great investment for your basement. Hardwood is all the rage in buyers’ eyes right now, but for a basement, the warmth and comfort that a good, high-quality carpet provides trumps all other types of flooring.

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