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One concern we come across often with our Vancouver and Richmond flooring customers is: “I have kids/pets – can carpet work in my home?”

While each household has a different lifestyle and different flooring needs, carpet is appealing for homes with children for many reasons. The great news is, Vancouver-area families do not need to choose between carpet and kids or pets – you can have both, thanks to some great carpet technology that has been developed recently!

We can show you this type of carpet by coming right to your door with our mobile showroom – no need to leave the house and spend all day shopping.

Carpet fit for a familycute-kids

Stainmaster Active Family carpet is perfect for families that are always on the go. Too busy to take your shoes off at the door – the Active Family line has you covered. This carpet is extremely durable and easy to clean, without the appearance of heavy-duty carpet that looks like it came out of a corporate office. It is engineered to keep its tuft long term, so you won’t have to sacrifice the softness your kids love for durability.

Got pets? Here is how to manage your pet stains on carpet

When your pet has an accident on the carpet, it can leave unpleasant stains and smells. There are plenty of carpet cleaning products and homemade remedies on the market to relieve these stains, but how do you know which is best? In our experience, most big brands will do the trick on new stains, but our preference is puppyfor Stainmaster’s line of carpet cleaners designed for all carpets. Not only will they pull stains out they’ll protect your carpet from resoiling. If you have Stainmaster carpets, use these to boost stain fighting power.

For a deeper clean, Bubba’s is the answer. Bubba’s stain remover uses enzymes to attack pet, coffee and even red wine stains. The formula is free of harsh chemicals meaning it won’t bleach or damage your current carpet.

For the best local and professional options, ask one of our flooring experts.

When to replace old carpet

Keeping old carpet in your home can affect the health of your family. Carpet over 10 years old catches and retains more dust and allergens than new carpet, which can cause indoor allergy symptoms in children and parents alike.

If you’ve tried and tried again to clean those stains and smells out of your carpet without success, it may be time to replace it. In many cases, when carpet has been improperly cleaned odours will leach deep into carpet fibres, pads and even the subfloor. If you can’t get the smell out after a steam cleaning, it is time to explore new options.

Even the best carpet has a lifespan. Most manufacturers recommend that even the best-kept carpet should be replaced after 10 years. After a decade, even well-maintained carpet will show signs of wear and tear in high-traffic areas of your home, and carpet fibres will start to lose their colour and tuft. As carpet ages, it becomes harder to clean as the dirt and stains have been set in over time.

Pet stain resistant carpet in Vancouver

Don’t be afraid to bring home a new puppy, cleaning up after Buddy’s accidents will be a breeze with Stainmaster’s PetProtect carpet. Dedicated to your furry friends, PetProtect has built-in stain resistance that won’t wash away after a cleaning and allows you to use more intense hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners without damage. The carpet fibres are even designed to repel pet hair – making vacuuming quicker than with other types carpet.  

The best type of carpet for your Vancouver home?

Check out our guide on different carpet styles, which can help you decide which option might be best for your home!

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