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Taking your lifestyle into consideration when selecting flooring is so important! Living in Vancouver offers unique opportunities for adventure and fun! Whether you’re hiking in the mountains every day or just want a safe place for the kids to play when it rains, you need flooring that keeps up with your lifestyle!

Below are four personality types, and the type of flooring that may suit you and your family best! Which one describes you?


You’re a no-frills type of person who values function over form. Style is important, but it comes second to getting the most bang for your buck. You’re willing to spend a few extra dollars if it means lower maintenance, or that you’ll be saving money in the long term.

tile flooring, flooring richmond, flooring vancouverYour flooring type: Laminate, tile or vinyl


Tile, laminate flooring and vinyl are highly practical flooring types. They’re durable, easy to install, simple to care for, and easy to replace. Vinyl is both practical and budget-conscious. All three types are resistant to spills and many types of damage saving you money long term. Plus – they can generally be kept clean with a broom, meaning they’ll only need to be mopped


You enjoy the finer things in life and you know that quality and esthetics are valuable. Being on-trend is important and you want to be able to show off your home to your friends and family. You want your floors to be a show stopper, just like you!

Your flooring type: Hardwoodexotic hardwood flooring vancouver, richmond flooring


Hardwoods offer a luxurious look and feel, with tons of variety. Exotic hardwoods offer an exquisitely unique appearance that visitors will be sure to notice. Although exotic hardwood flooring may require more care, the benefit is in the overall look this flooring brings to your home, the high resale value, and the luxurious feel underfoot throughout your home.


Parent of the Year

You love your kids above all else! For you, a happy family is the core of your existence. You love watching your children play, learn and grow. You probably have a great room or bonus room with the sole purpose of being a playroom for the little ones.

Your flooring type: Carpetcarpet vancouver, flooring richmond, carpet richmond


It may sound counterintuitive, but carpet is often considered the best type of flooring for families with children. Modern carpet technology – such as Shaw’s StainMaster carpet – repels stains, dirt and smells as well as any hardwood or laminate flooring, while offering the plush comfort of a great carpet. It’s perfect for providing cushioned play place for the kids in the bedrooms, living room, and basement.



You’ve got better things to do than clean. The dishes and cleaning your floors can wait for tomorrow, because you’re always out with friends, hiking, skiing, perusing markets and otherwise enjoying life to the fullest. You don’t always have time to leave your shoes at the door and your sense of adventure knows no bounds!laminate flooring Vancouver, Richmond flooring

Your flooring type: Laminate


Your ideal type of flooring needs to be durable. You need flooring that can keep up with your lifestyle! Spills, stains, cracks and damage from shoes that cause scratches and track in salt and dirt, need to be repelled so your flooring looks great for years to come. The technology of Armstrong engineered laminate flooring gives you the durability you need to live the carefree life you love!


Still not sure which type of flooring suits your personality? Get in touch! Our flooring experts will come to your home for a free consultation. We’ll bring flooring samples and help you decide the best fit for your lifestyle. Call us at 604-248-5780 or email us today to schedule your appointment!