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There is no doubt that the kitchen is the room in your house that takes on the most wear and tear. Spills, dropped pots and utensils, food that boils over, crafts time, and tons of foot traffic mean you need kitchen flooring that can keep up with all the action.

When choosing the right flooring for your kitchen, you’ll need something that is easy to clean, dent resistant and durable, for all those kitchen accidents. Hardwood and tile flooring are both great options for the kitchen – but is one better than the other? Here are a few factors to consider, to help you choose a floor that is right for you.


The flooring in your kitchen needs to be prepared for everything. It will get dirty and it is most likely to wear out. When it comes to dropped pots, pans and knives, tile is the best choice because it is less likely to dent, crack or chip. That said, the impact from heavy objects, such as cast iron pans or glass bowls, could cause tile to chip or crack.

tile flooring vancouver, flooring RichmondPine and other soft woods are a definite no-no in the kitchen as they are most susceptible to denting.

When selecting tile or hardwood for your kitchen, choosing drop- and spill-resistant products should be a priority. Tile is less porous, meaning it won’t absorb things like wine, pasta sauce, and meat drippings, so you won’t have to worry about smells and stains getting absorbed into your flooring. That said, marble and limestone tile are more porous than most, meaning they might absorb stains.

Dark and glossy tiles can show footprints and get slippery. On the off chance your tile does chip, it can be more challenging to repair than hardwood flooring. This can be prevented in large part by ensuring you’re buying high quality tile from professionals!


There is no doubt that hardwood flooring and tile will give two very different looks to your flooring vancouver, flooring richmond hardwood flooring.  Hardwood is known for creating warm look, making the home feel more inviting and cozy, especially during winter. Hardwoods come in a variety of patterns and colours; however, keep in mind that the trendier finishes on hardwood can look dated in a few years.

Tile offers a timeless and natural aesthetic, with a wide selection of styles, sizes, materials, shapes and designs. Paired with in-floor heating, tile is a great option for the kitchen flooring in your Richmond, Vancouver or Burnaby home.


tile flooring vancouver, flooring richmondIf you’re looking to save money upfront, it is hard to compete with the affordability of hardwoods. Pricing for tile is more variable, but on average more costly. Depending on the type of tile and the labour required in installation this price can creep up quite quickly.

In the long term, tile will be more durable than hardwood in your kitchen, meaning down the road, you won’t have to deal with the cost of refinishing or replacing floors like you might with hardwoods.


When selecting kitchen flooring it is best to talk with a flooring expert about your family’s lifestyle so you end up with the flooring that is right for you. Have our team of flooring experts at Floor Coverings International in Richmond BC bring flooring samples to your home, plus walk you through a free flooring consultation, by calling us at 604-248-5780 or booking an appointment online today.