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Vancouver’s wet climate can be a challenge for hardwood floors. When installing in entrance ways, basements and other high traffic areas it is important to choose a style that can handle all the dirt, salt and water that gets tracked in. We pinned solid hardwoods against engineered to compare what flooring type is best suited to Vancouver.

solid hardwood flooring richmond bcSolid Hardwood

Solid hardwoods have a life of their own. In the winter, they will get cold and contract, leaving larger gaps between planks – while in the summer they’ll expand. When humidity is high, solid hardwoods absorb extra moisture, which in extreme cases can lead them to buckle and cup.

When selecting a solid hardwood to install in moisture-prone areas, avoid styles that have bevelled edges. Otherwise water can collect in the grooves, causing the boards to expand and warp. Especially in high traffic areas and entryways, ensure the wood is well-coated with a urethane finish to prevent water damage.

Solid hardwoods are one of the most vulnerable flooring types when it comes to moisture. To avoid water damage, use a mat in areas where people will be wearing shoes and tracking in water from outside.

When selecting a wood type, red oak, white oak and maple are the most durable. Get your hardwoods delivered a few days prior to installation. This will allow the wood to acclimatize to the temperature and moisture levels in your home.

Engineered Hardwoodengineered hardwood flooring richmond bc

Engineered hardwood is a great alternative to solid hardwood in a rainy climate. It offers the same look as traditional hardwood, but is less likely to warp, shrink or expand over time and when wet. Perfect for basements, entrance ways or whole home installation engineered wood is resistant to changes in humidity and temperature.

Unlike solid hardwood which is made of one solid plank of wood, engineered hardwood flooring is made of many layers. Thin layers of wood are overlaid at various angles and fused together with heat and pressure. The top layer is made of solid wood, giving the same finish and look as traditional hardwoods. Layering woods allows manufacturers to create stronger, more durable flooring that is more eco-friendly than solid wood.

Laminate flooring is also made from layers, however unlike engineered hardwood, laminate’s layers are not made from real wood.

Armstrong Flooring offers a variety of engineered hardwood flooring options at every budget. Use their Floor Finder tool to explore the options, and have one of our Flooring Experts help you choose the perfect product for your home. From traditional to exotic looks, you’ll find every style you’re looking for in a durable engineered alternative.

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