Coverings International
, serving the greater Richmond and Vancouver, BC, areas,
is your top local tile flooring provider. We will help you choose samples,
offer helpful design tips, and perform a full, professional installation. Also,
we work directly with leading manufacturers to give our customers top-quality
products that are competitively priced.


Our tile
installation team is highly experienced in both residential and commercial
projects. We strive to finish your project on-time, within your budget, and
suited to your specific requirements.

A Note From Our Owner

“Here at FCI
of Richmond, BC, we are proud of our unmatched customer service and our
detailed, high-quality workmanship.”
– Jennifer Li, Owner, FCI Richmond, BC

Style Choice

  • Tile is available in a huge assortment of sizes, colors, patterns, and finishes
  • Grout color can be customized to match or contrast with your choice of tile
  • Accent tiles, mosaics, and pattern options are limited only by the imagination and give your home a unique look

Also consider that:

  • Some tile surfaces can be slick, especially when wet, while other types of tile provide greater traction.
  • Standing for long periods on a stone or tile floor can result in sore or tired feet
  • Tile does not retain heat well, so floors may feel cold to bare feet in winter