Floor Coverings International of Richmond, B.C. is your go-to source for frieze carpet in the greater Richmond area. Frieze carpet is made up of short, twisted fibers about a ¼” in height that tend to curl or fall over, and give the carpet a soft, lush feeling.

From selection to installation, our flooring experts are fully equipped to walk you through the process of adding frieze carpet to your home. At Floor Coverings International of Richmond, we pride ourselves on carrying an unbeatable selection of carpeting options, and our years of experience mean you’re in good hands. Call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate and we can get the ball rolling on your new frieze carpet right away!

Benefits of Frieze Carpet

The short, twisted fibers that make up frieze carpet are perfect for high-traffic areas in your home. The way the fibers fall over sideways will easily conceal dirt, stains, and footprints. Unlike plush carpeting, frieze carpeting also doesn’t show vacuum cleaner tracks, which gives it a clean, uniform look in any large room. Furthermore, frieze carpet is extra thick which makes it comfortable for sitting and walking on, but is also a benefit for its insulating properties. Whether you value warmth or just peace and quiet, frieze carpet will provide an extra layer of insulation for every room in your house.

Drawbacks of Frieze Carpet
While frieze carpet is a popular choice in the home it is not universally adored, and there are certain drawbacks to consider when choosing frieze carpet for your home. Typically the costs for frieze are higher when compared to other carpeting options, like Berber and plush. Also, patterns are not typically available in the frieze carpet style because of the difficulty of dyeing the twisted loops of frieze in a precise manner. Finally, frieze carpet can often take longer to clean and vacuum due to the way this carpet style disguises dirt.

“Frieze carpet is a comfortable and beautiful carpet option for any home. Give the experts at Floor Coverings International of Richmond a call today to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate!”
– Raymond Chen, Owner

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