Floor Coverings International of Richmond B.C. is the go-to place for Bamboo Flooring in the greater Richmond area. Bamboo flooring comes from the bamboo plant, and is often preferred over other more common hardwood flooring options. A popular green flooring alternative, most bamboo timber comes from China and goes through an extensive manufacturing process before arriving to beautify your home.

When it comes to bamboo floors, our experts are prepared to walk you through the entire process, from selection to design and finally installation. Here at Floor Coverings International of Richmond B.C., we believe that a beautiful floor can enrich a home as much as anything, and our years of experience mean we are fully equipped to transform your floors into a highlight of your home.

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo is a popular flooring choice for people who love the look of hardwood, but want something just a bit different to set their floors apart. In addition to the stylish look of bamboo, it is also a very eco-friendly flooring choice. The harvesting process for bamboo lumber does not kill the plant, and because the plant reaches full maturation every five years bamboo can be considered a renewable resource. Bamboo floors are also relatively easy to maintain and often more water-resistant than typical hardwood floors.

Drawbacks of Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo may be stylish and eco-friendly, but going with bamboo floors in your home does have its drawbacks. One drawback is the durability. Bamboo is often criticized for being scratch prone, and people with pets may want to be aware of this when choosing floors. Additionally, bamboo may be more water-resistant than many hardwoods, but that doesn’t mean it is impervious to water damage. Both high levels of humidity and excessive water left on the floor for long periods of time can cause warping, a costly problem.

“If you’re in the market for stylish, eco-friendly flooring, give us a call at Floor Coverings International of Richmond, B.C!”
– Raymond Chen, Owner

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