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In Vancouver and North Vancouver, BC, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) can recreate the look of almost any flooring material with the durability and easy maintenance of regular vinyl flooring. Many homeowners in the Vancouver, BC area are now using luxury vinyl tile in areas where stone, marble, or ceramic might be impractical.

When shopping for new flooring, keep in mind that luxury vinyl tile is different than the cheap peel-and-stick tile sold at most home improvement stores. Luxury vinyl tile not only looks more elegant but is thicker and more resilient than the peel-and-stick variety. While most luxury vinyl tiles (and planks) are installed with adhesive, some can be installed with plastic grout-like strips between each tile for a more realistic look.


Our Richmond and Vancouver, BC customers love LVT for many reasons including:

  • Durability: Most vinyl tile has a protective top layer that resists scratches, tears and gouges, making it a perfect choice for high-traffic areas such as the living room and kitchen.
  • Style: Luxury vinyl tile comes in a variety of styles and colors to fit any design scheme. With printing advances, LVT looks even more realistic.
  • Easy to Clean: This flooring is ideal for busy families because it is easy to clean.


Like many flooring materials, luxury vinyl tiles are not without some drawbacks. Some of our customers find that dirt accumulates in the seams of the flooring. Regular maintenance can help to reduce this. Vinyl can also be hard underfoot especially after standing for a prolonged period of time. Use area rugs to help minimize this effect.

Floor Coverings International of Richmond, BC offers free in-home flooring consultations. Call us today to learn more about luxury vinyl tile and to see samples in the comfort of your home! Proudly serving the Richmond, Vancouver, and North Vancouver areas.

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